Wellbeing seems to be quite the buzz word these days, and there are so many wellbeing offerings that it’s sometimes difficult to know which path to take. For me, wellbeing starts with shutting out all the outside noise and listening to yourself and your needs, and ultimately letting that steer you in your quest for a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment. Easier said than done, I’ve found that it comes down to practising three principles: awareness, addressing and self care.


From my personal experience I’ve found that in order to create a greater sense of well-being we need to become aware of the signs our body, mind and emotions are trying to tell us. This might not be all smiles and roses, in fact depending on your life experience so far there might be some difficult feeling  lurking beneath, but unless we become aware of them we can’t address them, which means that we’re no closer to being well.

There are many techniques by which we can increase our awareness, such as by living mindfully, talking to others about how we feel, improving our emotional intelligence by reading self-help books/going on courses, getting the assistance of a therapist, keeping a journal and also self questioning. There are so many free resources on the internet these days that there’s no excuse to not start. My personal favourites to start with are people like Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Brene Brown and Bryan Reeves, check out their pages for free blog articles, videos and insightful information.


Once we start to become more aware of what our mind, body and emotions are trying to tell us, it’s important to address whatever patterns are going on so we can change them to create the sense of wellbeing we want. Whether that is to feel healthier in our bodies, or to have less negative thoughts, it usually means making changes in our behaviour.

Everyone addresses their wellbeing differently and for me I found that I had to fully understand, express and reflect in order to process all these changes, and work out what a life of greater wellbeing meant for me. I needed a whole new way of thinking to do this and a whole new tool set to approach to life, which meant calling in some experts. There are so many therapies and therapists to help us address our wellbeing, and I think it’s important that you find what works for you and keep at it until you get the results you want. Whether its a physical therapy, psychological therapy, a creative/spiritual therapy or a combination of all of them. There are lots to choose from, some will work for you, some won’t as we’re all different. The beauty is finding the right method for you at the right time and being honest about when it’s time to move to something new.


To me, self care is absolutely pivotal to anyone who wants to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. Addressing our wellbeing isn’t always an easy process, which is why in order to give ourselves the best starting chance. To do this, it’s really important that we practice regular self-care. This comes in many forms for many people but the premises is that it’s taking time out of your day to intentionally do something which makes you feel good. Whether it’s sitting in the garden with a cup of tea for 10 minutes, or having a weekly massage, I really believe that the intention to take time out for you is beneficial in itself. I focus on the art of self care in all my wellbeing workshops, even if is just the act of pampering yourself with a face mask – that intent and focus to do something solely because it feels good contributes to your self worth which ultimately creates a greater sense of wellbeing. It’s puts you in the right frame of mind to deal with the more challenging aspects of life. Whether you decide to address the negativity in your life or not, at least you’ll know the self care techniques to reach to if need them.