Free Your Inner Natural Beauty Online Course

What can the Free Your Inner Natural Beauty course do for you?

Natural beauty starts from within and shines out when we feel courageous enough to show it.

But with so much judgement from the outside world, it’s hard to uncover that part of us.

So we keep it locked up inside, hiding our true smile, our laughter and our true natural beauty.

In this course you’ll learn how to move past the fear of judgement and the constant comparison of what we should look like. You’ll learn how to build up your self worth and nurture yourself with natural products.

Are you ready to free your natural inner beauty?


Who is the course for?

If you no longer want to hide your beauty from the world then this course is for you!

If you’re done with listening to that negative voice of judgement in your head and instead you want feel loved, worthy and radiant, then you’re in the right place!

If you want to strive for confidence, empowerment and beauty then it’s your lucky day!!

If you want to smile more, laugh more and feel admired by those around you then need to get in touch right now!

However. If you’re not ready to make those changes just yet then this might not be the right time for you (and that’s ok, the best thing you can do is to be where you’re at). The Free Your Inner Natural Beauty course gives you the road map to unlock your that wild beauty you hold inside, but only you have the key and to unlock her it’s important that you’re ready.

How does it work?

The Free Your Inner Natural Beauty course works by combining a self awareness and emotional intelligence with self care.

Self Awareness

Throughout the course you’ll become aware of your thoughts and patterns that are damaging to your inner natural beauty and work against creating a safe space to ler her out. You’ll work through practical tools to identify which messages are supportive to your inner natural beauty, and which ones aren’t. You’ll also identify the emotions and triggers behind these patterns so you can understand and generate compassion towards yourself for having them. Throughout this stage you’ll start creating your self care toolkit to ensure you start nurtuinge yourself as soon as possible.

Emotional Intelligence

Once you’ve identified the thoughts and behaviours that keep your inner natural beauty locked up, you’ll learn the emotional intelligence methods to unpick and releaes. Using your new found awareness, you’ll practise self reflection exercises and become accustomed to catching yourself when you’re back in an old pattern. This’ll give you the chance to change your behaviour in the moment, and finally work on getting out of the rut. During this stage you’ll learn how to strengthen your self love through positive self talke so that you’re only validating your inner beauty which will empower you and allow you to feel confident to let your beauty shine.

Self Care

Self care is the most important tool when it comes to unlocking our inner natural beauty. Throughout the course you’ll learn natural and toxin free self care recipes to nurture your body in a healthy manner. You’ll also learn how to care for your mind and heart by practising boundary setting, intentions and creating an environment which nurtures your beauty so it can be free and expand. After this course you’ll know your personal self care toolkit so that you can build yourself up on those days that you might need to.

You’ll be left with a toolkit that’ll empower you to be your most beautiful self, and equip you with the emotional intelligence and compassion to feel your beauty from the inside. Once you know the tools, you can re-apply them again and again, meaning that after doing this program, not only can you empower your inner natural beauty in any situation but you’ll also have the toolkit to help others free their inner natural beauty too! How awesome is that?!



What now?

The Free Your Inner Natural Beauty course is ran online and is completed in your own time so it can fit around your schedule. Once downloaded, you’ll always have access to the course so you can go back to it whenever you need to.

The next course starts on the 14th of October and runs for 5 weeks.


You got this

You deserve to let your inner natural beauty shine

In fact, it’s your birth right to feel good so the beauty radiates out.

All you need to know is how to do it.

With the Free Your Inner Natural Beauty course you’ll get exactly that!