Natural Beauty Balm Workshops

natural or nasty

“I truly enjoyed every second. Shereen ensured it was the perfect balance of learning about the products and making them”

Anna, UK

Learn how to make natural beauty balms for your body, hair and for massages

Using natural balms on your skin and hair is the perfect luxury pamper treat. You can make these balms as gifts for friends or keep them for yourself to show your body the ultimate self care and keep your skin hydrated throughout the year. Made from a combination of butters and oils, these balms can keep fresher for longer if you know a few simple storage tips.

In this workshop you’ll learn about what harmful ingredients might be hiding in your off-the-shelf products, why it’s important to avoid these ingredients and how to buy safe, organic and natural products. You’ll learn the science of how to make a basic balm formulae, giving you the knowledge to explore natural product making so you’ll never want to buy from the shops again! You’ll also get to try out all the different formula, and gain a deeper understanding of what works for your skin and why.

During this workshop you'll learn :
How to buy safe, organic and natural products
How to make natural beauty balms for your body, hair and for massaging with
How to apply natural beauty balms and why different consistencies work for different types of skin
Then comes the fun part - you’ll pamper yourself with all the products you’ve made!

These wellness workshops are great for retreats, corporate events, hen parties or a night in with friends.

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