Courses and Workshops

Emotional intelligence courses and workshops can help individuals become happier, more productive and more empowered in their daily life. Whether you’re a small team of employees or a co-working space of freelancers, understanding your own emotions and those around you benefits everyone in the long run.

Bespoke workshops can be created to help you and your team

  • Become more self-aware, improve communication, compassion and work ethic

  • Become more emotionally intelligent so you can master your emotions and choose a positive mindset

  • Take action by implementing practical methods to change behaviour

  • Hold yourself accountable so you don’t stray away from the direction you’ve chosen

  • Feel positive, supported, worthy and empowered to live your life the way you want to

Example Courses


EmpowerYour Inner Natural Beauty Online Course

A bespoke course teaching you how to unlock your inner beauty and let your natural radiance shine. In this course you’ll learn how to tap into what inner natural beauty means to you and how to nurture this beauty through self care, emotional intelligence tools and share it with the world. From a natural skin care regime, through to creating a life that you can’t stop smiling about, this course will leave you feeling beautiful and empowered from inside and out.

Own Your Power Online Course

A leadership course designed for Millennials who want to fulfil their potential. Through the course you’ll learn how to tap into your core value system and inner strength. How to boundary your values so you stand strong in your integrity, as well as how to harness this empowerment to steer your life in the direction you want to move. Whether you want a life partner, a new career or to feel a sense of freedom in your life, this course gives you the tools to access your inner strength and use it to move forward.


Empowerment Coaching

For programs with one-to-one support check out the Empower Yourself Coaching Program.