I’m Shereen.

I’m a traveller, a thinker and an explorer of all things inside an out – physically, mentally and emotionally.

After experiencing a series of traumatic life experiences I challenged myself to grow out of the difficult situations I’d been dealt with.

Using my background in beauty therapy, consultancy and science I’ve been investigating all available therapies to help myself get back to a clear and calm mindset. Having always had a keen interest in psychology and personal development, I combine my professional and personal knowledge to help steer me along the way.

So far, this has resulted in a thorough exploration of the human psyche, the physical release of emotional pain in our bodies and most of all, how we can compassionately and resiliently grow by processing the difficult challenges life throws at us.

Originally I wrote about my trauma recovery experiece on my blog; Trauma on Tour, and I’ve since moved over to my personal blog; Shereen Soliman. I also contribute to The Good Men Project, a blog which is talking about what it means to be a modern man (from the perspective of a modern woman), as well as Thought Catalog, Having Time and Mamamia.

Currently I’m working on publishing a series of books, the first of which is available on Amazon: The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book, a book which aims to inspire those with wunderlust to make their own natural, chemical free beauty products on the go. Following this I hope to release In Search of Compassion, a book of short stories which takes the reader through a journey of life experiences, giving perspective on human behaviour and the necessity to have compassion during the most challenging times.