Shereen Soliman - Empowerment coach

About Me

I love to look at life through a lens of curiosity. I travel, explore and push the boundaries of life.

I have a background in beauty, business, science and yachting.

I’m passionate about wellbeing and practising a growth mindset. In 2015 I used this life approach to my advantage, when I overcame trauma using emotional intelligence, personal development and self care.

I write, coach and speak publicly about my experiences to inspire others to grow the through most challenging situations too.

Life wasn’t always so sweet

It’s easy to see where someone’s at and think that their life has been plain sailing, but the reality is that everyone has a story…

In 2015, tragedy struck my life.

I experienced a nasty break up, was violently attacked in an attempted rape which left me with PTSD, then my father suddenly passed away. My life started to spiral out of control as erratic emotions took over my life and I felt completely powerless. I started drinking and smoking to numb the pain, and before long I got to a point where I didn’t want to be on the planet anymore. I felt like a failure and I hated myself for even feeling that. Things got pretty bad during that time, but luckily I had the right people around me to help me through it. Before long, I was able stop being a victim and start turning my mindset from negative to positive.

This wasn’t easy at the start, and it took a lot of work, time and self belief. But for the lessons that I learnt, and for where it’s taken me now, it was all worth every second.

I now live the fearless lifestyle that I once thought I’d never get back to, and I’ve re-wired my brain so that I no longer have PTSD triggers. I’m more empowered than I’ve ever been and I’m using these skills to help others become empowered too.

To find out more about my trauma recovery journey, read the raw account on the blog.