My First Baby (The Book)


After what has probably been nine months of labour intensive nurturing, I have finally birthed my first book – The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book.

It’s from the self-care range of my wellness concept and to be honest, it wasn’t the first book I wrote but it’s the first one I feel comfortable releasing in to the big wide world <it’s vulnerability central right now!>

Here’s a short blurb about the book:

The Backpacker’s Natural Beauty Book is a collection of skin care recipes and tips so you can create products for your beauty regime wherever you are in the world.

This pocket size guide tells you how to care for your skin and gives you the simple recipes so you can make safe and natural products from items that you’ll find at the local market.

Not only are you caring for your skin, but you’re also caring for the earth by using natural products which don’t harm the Ecosystem.

Feed your soul with travel exploration and your skin with natural goodness.

If you’re interested check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. In true Shereen style, I love feedback so when you’ve read it please get in touch if you have any constructive comments about the book.

Thank you for all your support and enjoy healthy, natural skin!


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